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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use your services? What’s the benefit?

To gain competitive advantage or provide independent assurance.

If your sector is competitive or under-going significant transformation, if your consumers are difficult to reach or discerning, if your sales have been hit by Covid-19, or your media performance and returns have hit a plateaux. Our audit service is a root and branch evaluation of every aspect of your media plan. We will help find the competitive advantage.

For many brands their media budget is the largest marketing expense they have. We offer a fully independent and transparent evaluation that ensures your budget is being properly planned and invested, and that best practice is being applied and maximised.

Will you save me money?

Our aim is to make your media investment more go further and do more. If you choose to take those effectiveness gains and cut budget (do the same with less), then yes we will save you money.

Alternatively the effectiveness gains we will highlight can be used to enhance your campaign and provide a better RoI.

Why choose Beta Firinn, there are other media auditors?

There is no one like Beta Firinn. We are the only media auditor that specialises in looking at the inputs and outcomes of your media investment not the price. We are the only firm not compromised by the desire to sell conflicting or self-fulfilling services. We are the only firm whose auditors are all top-tier ex-agency, multi-awards winners. And, we’re a likeable bunch that are passionate about great media.

When do I use your services?

If you want to leverage every possible competitive advantage or you want reassurance that monies spent or committed have been done so properly you need to get in touch straight away.

How does it work?

Start by dropping us a note or give us a call to say hi, we will pick up the baton from there. We will talk you through the options available and work out which option is best for your objectives.

We manage all of the data collection, analysis, and produce and present the audit report. This isn’t an automated process, we’re real people with real experience. As standard we will present the report to you and your team, and at your discretion, we will present the report to any internal stakeholders or external agencies as required.

Tell me about your benchmark scoring

We call it the Firinn Framework because media plans should be based on fact and on truths. We have identified the top 100 factors that constitute a great, effective media plan and we measure and score every audit against those factors.

Here’s where we’re really different - our scoring is not a function of brand size or spend. Every brand irrespective of size or sector should demand the highest quality of media planning, strategy and implementation. Our scoring gives a genuinely independent, objective and budget-agnostic view of that quality.

I have a creative and innovative media planner/agency, how can you audit creativity?

Media planners and agencies are great storytellers. Their work will be beautifully presented, well-told and compelling. At Beta Firinn we will demask and demystify media planning and creativity.

All of our analysts are highly experienced, award winning planners. They understand the need for creative leaps and recognise good work when they see it. Our audit framework allows for and enables creativity and innovation, while ensuring the bedrock of great planning is in place.

Which markets/regions do you cover?

Our base methodology can be applied to all mature media markets but with local sources, conditions and idiosyncrasies allowed for. If you would like to speak to us about auditing in any market please get in touch.

Will you audit the price we are paying for media?

In short, no. we don’t believe price is a competitive differentiator for brands any more. Wise media investment is not about the price you pay, it’s about the returns you generate. The key to a good return is in the planning, strategy and implementation that goes in to your campaign. However, we can give you a view on your price, and if you’re worried you’re overpaying we can recommend an independent specialist media price auditor.

What if I get a really good audit result, have I just wasted my money?

No one is happier with a good audit score than we are. It means your media planning and strategy are on point, and most likely means you have a superb team of media professionals working with you and for you.

The verification we offer will provide independent reassurance that your budget has been well invested. Our constructive approach will highlight any further areas for improvement to maximise your growth potential no matter how good your current plan is.

What if I get a bad audit score?

There’s no such thing as a bad score, only more room for improvement. Our constructive approach will provide the key areas to focus on that will provide the biggest improvements, most quickly, to maximise your growth potential. We will work with you to ensure the audit performance is fully understood and actionable.

I’m not happy with my current media agency, can you help?

Yes we can. The first step is to understand why you’re not happy, our comprehensive audit approach will highlight areas of under-performance. The insight gained from this process will form the bedrock of transforming the agency’s performance and your relationship with them.

If it is too late to salvage the relationship or the agency fail to respond in a positive manner. The insights and actions from the audit will guide selection of agencies to call to pitch.

If I wanted to call a pitch, do you manage the pitch process?

Our insights will help you define your requirements for an agency and help guide the pitch brief, but there are other vendors in the market who can help with the shortlisting and selection of agencies, and who will manage the pitch process. We are happy to help introduce you to those vendors.