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Media Effectiveness

Improve the effectiveness and maximise returns from your media investment

Beta Firinn’s premium audit product is built specifically for marketers and media professionals and serves as the cornerstone to improving your cross-channel media performance.

Our proprietary technique, data modelling, and scientific approach combine to provide the deepest media expertise. Every brand is unique and every brand deserves the best outcomes.

Engineered for growth and Actionisation

Smarter decisions are based on a unified perspective taking into consideration KPIs, metrics, and classifications that work across channels, campaigns, and more.

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Input, audit, adapt, perform

Strike the perfect balance between objectivity and customisation. Behavioural and media data are key components in connecting your brand with your potential customers, and creating meaningful business outcomes.

Collect, enable, harvest

Beta Firinn connects media and consumer data from all available sources. Our unstacked approach means you have unfettered insight to what is driving media performance and what’s not.

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What do clients say about Beta Firinn?

'A truly innovative and thought-provoking approach' 

Marketing Director, FMCG

'I’m very happy with the output of this process. I now need to see how my team and agency adapt and evolve with the new insights we have, but I am hopeful that that our campaign performance will improve by a good margin. Excellent value for money, and I look forward to working with the team at Beta Firinn again'  CMO, Retail