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We work with you and your team to uncover gaps in the current planning process. The output from a Firinn media audit report details the actionable improvements in media planning, strategy and other key areas that will drive growth without the need to increase spend.

Expect more from existing media plans

Uncover Growth Opportunities

Innovation in your media planning

Unlike traditional media audits, which validate price or contract compliance, a Beta Firinn media effectiveness audit will drive additional growth improvements, usually of 3-10%.


This innovative approach is unique and unrivalled, and delivers specific, measurable and actionable areas for improvement to boost performance of a media plan.

Competitive Advantage exploiting a new and unique approach

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How to utilise data and insight

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Increase Share of Market

Impressed or intrigued by Les Binet’s work on SoS/SoM but not sure how it applies to your brand?


At Beta Firinn we take a 360 view of all factors that influence the business outcomes driven by media performance.

Increase Sales

All media campaigns can, with optimised planning and implementation, be improved to deliver a greater share of market. Beta Firinn’s media effectiveness audit will find these areas of improvement, and provide measurable, actionable outputs.

Exploit opportunities to gain sales

What do clients say about Beta Firinn

'I’m very happy with the output of this process. Excellent value for money, and I look forward to working with the team at Beta Firinn again' CMO, Retail Brand

'A truly innovative and throught-provoking approach' Marketing Director, FMCG