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Why does Beta Firinn exist?

That’s a great question…

Our passion is generating and driving tangible business results for our clients through outstanding media planning, strategy and implementation.  We believe that great media planning is a true competitive advantage and a key differentiator for brands.

Having sat through media audits, on different brands, at different agencies, from different auditors for years we couldn’t figure it out.  The audits really only looked at the price paid relative to a ‘pool’ of other anonymous advertisers.  The audits added little or no value to the brand per se and gave no real insight to potential performance or future planning. Sure, they provided a little bit of price reassurance, but they completely missed the point.

Media pricing is a function of the size of the media budget and your position in the market.  It hasn’t been a competitive differentiator for years (not since the rise of holding groups, trading arms, and procurement departments).

What was obvious to us was that the true differentiator, what elevated one brand above its competitors (from a media perspective) was the quality of the strategy, planning and implementation that went into the media plan. The quality of that work and thinking is the performance multiplier; that’s the differentiator, that’s what counts. That is why we set up Beta Firinn – to find growth for clients and to inspire better work from media planners.


Beta: innovation, improvement, advancement. Constantly and diligently looking for gains and growth in everything we do.

Firinn: fact, truth. Find the genuine and critical facts and truths that will propel your brand and business forward.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity. Nothing is more important to us than the value of the relationships we have. 

Objective and transparent. We exist to deliver growth to our clients and partners. We believe this is best achieved through unrelenting objectivity and transparency, fuelled by data and science.

Interested and inspiring. We are interested in our clients, we are interested in consumers, we are interested in all things media.  We take that interest and hope to inspire the brands and partners that we work with and for.